We can make a one of positive way beside gardening and this can make money, so beside doing your hobbies in gardening you can make money, yes Compost, this is the best way for you to spend your time. Now i want to give you tips for composting, you need a compost bin , it's depends on the size of your garden but you can choose this option :
A purpose built plastic bin purchased from a garden center, not too expensive; and you just fill up from the top and a few months later, you can take compost from a small hatch at the base.
And the other option, if you can wield a saw and some nails, you can make a wooden slatted enclosure, one meter square - or you can buy them ready made - and cover it with a piece of old carpet to keep the worst of the weather off.

Here you can compost:

- all uncooked vegetable and fruit peelings
- teabags, tea leaves and coffee grounds
- egg shells
- your ex flowers from the house
- and from the garden, soft pruning s spent bedding plants, dead leaves, lawn mowings
- some dryer materials such as shredded paper, rabbit and guinea pig bedding

And here you can not to compose :

- all meat products and bones; bread, cooked food - these will attract vermin
- dog or cat waste
- woody material - which takes too long to compost
- weeds - these can 'infect' your compost with their seeds
- anything that is non-biodegradable, such as plastic.

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