Tips for Maintaining Lawn and Garden Equipment in winter

Hope this article will help you. The winter can be a hard time to deal with your lawn and garden equipment. It is a tough time on many aspects of your home and your lawn, because of the frigid temperatures. The equipment usually has a much rougher time than you would imagine, because many people seem to forget about their lawn mowers, weed whackers, and other types of equipment when the leaves fall.

Many people stick these pieces of lawn and garden equipment into the shed or the garage without a second thought, and are then surprised when they don’t work right in the spring. You spend a lot of money on these pieces of lawn and garden equipment, so why not make sure that they are taken care of? When you have pieces of lawn and garden equipment that you want to take care of, there are many things that you can do to make sure they are taken care of well when the snow flies. First of all, the pieces of lawn and garden equipment that run on gasoline should be emptied after the last time they are used. Before you mow your lawn for the last time in the fall, be sure that you put in just enough gasoline to do the job. After you are finished, run the mower so that all of the gasoline is used, or empty it completely out. For these items that use gasoline and have a motor, you want to make sure that they are cleaned, and then drain the oil and take out the spark plug. After that, you want to put in just a few drops of oil and crank the engine only enough to move that oil around. Then, you should put the spark plug back in place. The next thing that you should to the pieces of your lawn and garden equipment that have engines is to tighten any of the loose screws in the machine. Now, wipe down these machines and get them ready for storage along with the others. For the lawn and garden equipment that don't run on gasoline, you should make sure that they are functioning properly and then unplug them for the year. If they have batteries, remove the batteries and store them someplace else. Wrap the chords around these and get them ready for storage. The other parts of your lawn and garden equipment - the ones that don’t run on gasoline or electricity - should be completely cleaned before the fall ends. Make sure that they are wiped off, that all of the dirt and grass is removed, and that they are ready for storage. After you have taken care of each individual piece of machinery or other pieces of supplies, you have to gather them all together for storage during the winter.

This is a very important aspect of getting all of your items stored properly. You want to find a place where you can store your items safely and where they won't be bothered by the weather. Usually, your garage or your shed will suffice. Once you have chosen a location, be sure that you gather all of your equipment together. You want to store it all neatly and in a well organized fashion, so that you can find it again in the spring. Be sure that anything you leave out is covered well. This will help them from gathering moisture. Also, you want to be sure that you are able to secure anything that is attached to the walls. This is because often things slip and slide during the winter or animals get into your shed or garage. You simply want everything to be secured during this time of year.

Another thing that you should think about is the moisture on the floor. Leaving your garden supplies and equipment in a wet garage or shed is just as bad as leaving them outside. If you have a garage or shed that tends to lead or one where the floor tends to get wet, an easy solution is to lay down some plywood or some higher pieces of board, and put your equipment on that. You can secure the equipment to these pieces of wood, and then cover everything with a tarp. Remember, it might seem like much too much work to do for a small amount of time. However, each piece of lawn and garden equipment that you own is something that you are going to want to hold on to, and something that you have already spent a lot of money on. Take the time to do these fall chores, and you will be able to rest easy over the winter - waiting for the spring.

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